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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Thoughts of yesterday.

Well dear reader (for I hope there will be at least one other than myself) I was thinking about yesterday. Yesterday, it was my friend's birthday, and we had a sleepover. It wasn't really how I would've thought it would be like. Not all the doing hair and make up and nails and stuff like that (although we did watch a movie and pig out). I was surprised at all the deep thoughts and memories that we shared and our opinions on people. Although such thoughts were about such trivial subjects like clothes and boys and make up, it is a wonder how you can dig into things. For example, we thought about how people act with different people, then how they will come across to us and to others. I realised that people will do a lot to please other people, although not necessarily for themselves. The lengths that some girls go to to look and seem "pretty" is absolutely wrong. There really is no need to go to lengths to make your appearance more "attractive". The reason I put pretty and attractive in quotation marks is because they are opinions rather than facts. Just because you are a little pale doesn't mean that you need to cheese puff your entire body. Do you seriously prefer looking like a Wotsit to being as pale as a milk bottle? Well, some people do and they like it that way, but what happened to "natural beauty"? People do indeed wear extravagant amounts of make up and products that surely do more harm than good? Excessive amounts of make up have always been a turn off, no matter what. Make up does make a difference to your appearance, but it can swing towards an improvement and a fail. I'm not dissing make up or anything, but is bright ORANGE a good idea? Or about a jar of tar-like mascara any good for your eyelashes? 

Might post some thoughts later - dinner is kind of more important at the moment :D

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