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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Pinch, punch, last day of the month. No returns.

I wonder whoever came up with that rhyme. And I wonder what they were thinking of when they thought of it.

I know the usual rhyme is for the first day of the month, but I wanted to blog something today. Something to do rather than going on Facebook or revising for tests. Revising is effort for me. I hate to sound that leeeeeeetle bit big-headed, but I'm one of those lucky students that don't revise for tests and come out with, on average, 80/100. The week coming, I've got SATs so that my school can access the entire year group's levels across maths, English and science for an end of KS3 level. I've forgotten half of the KS3 stuff because I've started GCSE, but now we students had to drop all the stuff we were doing on GCSE and concentrate on SATs. It isn't half confusing because it means re-remembering stuff from the last two years (I'm fast tracked) and trying to remember all the GCSE stuff -.-

Other news:

The royal wedding was yesterday! I was feeling like a nationalist because of all the England and British flags and buntings that decorated many streets :] Kate Middleton sure was the dazzling bride and old half-bald William cracked a joke at the altar. It sure was a highlight of the year and it meant I got a day off school ;D
I absolutely loved all the Facebook pages about the mishaps of the weddings, for example, the "angry child" in the picture of their kiss, and the horse that took of without the rider, and the nun with the Reeboks :'] Oh, and don't forget Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry "mysteriously" disappearing [; Sure was a day to remember :D


  1. pinch punch first of the month, the one good reason behind beating people up.
    wow! this blog is hard to use. after 4 hours i craked it, it was harder than finding out the meaning of life!