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Monday, 30 May 2011

The week of lie-ins.

Yep, that's what half terms are for - going out late, sleeping later and getting up at the latest time possible. The first few days you wear off the routine early risings of about pre-8am because you get used to it because of how school times work. Shame half terms are only one week, I could do with an extra few days. Others too.
This girl is not me by the way! Just a free picture of a sleepy girl :']
However, I haven't quite escaped from school... I still have to go into school on Wednesday for a history revision session. It's not as bad as it seems really, my class is epic and my teacher is one of the best I've ever had so all's good. Plus, it's always kinda exciting to see your classmates in "normal" clothes. I go to a typical UK school with a typical uniform: tie, blazer, top button and all that etc. It will be more of a social session because it'll only be my class and another class opposite - it's also filled with people I know and they're in my year group (year 9) too :D

So it may be a little weird that I'm excited to go into school for the holidays! However, I'm really looking forward to seeing my friends at the revision class. The only downside is it starts too early for me to get up during holiday time - 9am -.-

"All holidays can be good times." John Clayton

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Friday, 27 May 2011

The "Great" British weather.

Probably only in England and the rest of Great Britain will you get grey overcast skies, light "nothing" rain, measly piddling rain, slight winds, skirt-flying gusts, full-blown showering ninja rain, proper hail, and then ending with 20 degrees Celsius sunshine. All in a matter of 15 minutes because, eh, that's British weather for you. Here are some pictures I took of it after school that I uploaded onto Photobucket.
It's the usual thing in England to have hot sun on your back after a harsh rain shower.

The dazzling sun again after the ninja rain. You do get used to it. Maybe someday.

You can kind of see the hail. Kind of.
The rain clouds hiding in the other direction to the bright sun... Typical.
On Monday, the temperature reached around early twenties - typical, decent spring time weather.
On Tuesday, the winds were horrific. Skirts were a-flying everywhere, gusts reached over 100mph in Scotland, and a man even died because of it!
On Wednesday, it was overcast and threatening rain. As usual.
On Thursday - the horror! It hadn't rained properly for a good two months until... DUN DUN DUN! It all came down. On and off the way I had described - ye olde Brit way. Thank goodness I had an umbrella otherwise I'd have looked like I just dived into a swimming pool fully clothed.
On Friday it was overcast, but I don't care! It's half term :D

"A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in." Robert Orben

^Story of my holidays, but oh well! :D

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The non existent secret to happiness.

I believe happiness has no secret. To be happy, you must just simply be happy

Whether there are different factors that do affect your mood, and therefore your happiness, is up to you, and how you feel. Sometimes you cannot help but feel how you do. For example, there's always that person who makes you smile whatever they say/do, there's always that person who makes you angry whatever they say/do. And then there's always the little things that push your judgement until your brain makes a decision between the fine line of love and hate.
Yes, yes you always do manage to make me smile.

So I urge you, whomever that reads this, to try and find happiness by doing what makes you happy, whatever that may be.

"If you want to be happy, be." Leo Tolstoy

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Eye contact, intercourse and pregnancy.

"Eye contact".
Wow, it's actual been ages since I last blogged!
- I gotta stop abbreviating words.
-- That includes "gotta".

So yesterday in one of my classes - PSHE (Personal Social Health Education I think?), we were doing the order of relationships and discussing if there ever is or will be a perfect order in which a relationship should follow. It was never really something that I'd ever thought of before, and I really wanted to know how people thought it should go.We were given cards (all the same) and split into groups of all boys, all girls, and mixed. I was with the mixed group. The cards had stuff like "eye contact", "talking on the phone", "talking about having children".

My group (3 boys & 5 girls) agreed on a basic positioning pretty quickly, though then spent the rest of the time arguing about the cards: "love", "marriage" and "intercourse". 3 of us were religious (not myself), and the only religious ones in the class. I snatched a load of the slips of paper many a time!

The group with all girls argued. A lot. And very loudly too. For a very long time.
Whilst the all boy groups pretty much packed up within 5 minutes of the activity.

We all found it funny when the group of all boys had put "love" quite high up on the list - even before "dating"! Unless they all had childhood sweethearts (which they most certainly don't) that just wouldn't happen :'] They didn't really think about what happens in the "real world". And then we all joked that for stereotype Essex girls, it went "eye contact", "intercourse", "pregnancy" - and then maybe a shotgun "marriage". It's not something you should really joke about, the amount of teenagers with their own children but it sure is funny :']

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Update on my SATs week.

Hehe, I kinda didn't revise as much as I should've for the maths :$ Paper 1 was diabolically hard. Paper 2 was soooooooooooooooooo easy. The very same papers in the image! Though knowing me, I'd have gotten the easy marks wrong! Not gonna jinx it ><" But everything else was "eff" easy! The science papers I could probably do in my sleep! Compared to the practice science papers, they were so simple! The English papers I've done were okay - I could've described a lot better in the "writing to describe" part of the paper, but what's done is done. Only got one test left - mental maths. And that shouldn't be too hard?