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Friday, 27 May 2011

The "Great" British weather.

Probably only in England and the rest of Great Britain will you get grey overcast skies, light "nothing" rain, measly piddling rain, slight winds, skirt-flying gusts, full-blown showering ninja rain, proper hail, and then ending with 20 degrees Celsius sunshine. All in a matter of 15 minutes because, eh, that's British weather for you. Here are some pictures I took of it after school that I uploaded onto Photobucket.
It's the usual thing in England to have hot sun on your back after a harsh rain shower.

The dazzling sun again after the ninja rain. You do get used to it. Maybe someday.

You can kind of see the hail. Kind of.
The rain clouds hiding in the other direction to the bright sun... Typical.
On Monday, the temperature reached around early twenties - typical, decent spring time weather.
On Tuesday, the winds were horrific. Skirts were a-flying everywhere, gusts reached over 100mph in Scotland, and a man even died because of it!
On Wednesday, it was overcast and threatening rain. As usual.
On Thursday - the horror! It hadn't rained properly for a good two months until... DUN DUN DUN! It all came down. On and off the way I had described - ye olde Brit way. Thank goodness I had an umbrella otherwise I'd have looked like I just dived into a swimming pool fully clothed.
On Friday it was overcast, but I don't care! It's half term :D

"A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in." Robert Orben

^Story of my holidays, but oh well! :D

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