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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Eye contact, intercourse and pregnancy.

"Eye contact".
Wow, it's actual been ages since I last blogged!
- I gotta stop abbreviating words.
-- That includes "gotta".

So yesterday in one of my classes - PSHE (Personal Social Health Education I think?), we were doing the order of relationships and discussing if there ever is or will be a perfect order in which a relationship should follow. It was never really something that I'd ever thought of before, and I really wanted to know how people thought it should go.We were given cards (all the same) and split into groups of all boys, all girls, and mixed. I was with the mixed group. The cards had stuff like "eye contact", "talking on the phone", "talking about having children".

My group (3 boys & 5 girls) agreed on a basic positioning pretty quickly, though then spent the rest of the time arguing about the cards: "love", "marriage" and "intercourse". 3 of us were religious (not myself), and the only religious ones in the class. I snatched a load of the slips of paper many a time!

The group with all girls argued. A lot. And very loudly too. For a very long time.
Whilst the all boy groups pretty much packed up within 5 minutes of the activity.

We all found it funny when the group of all boys had put "love" quite high up on the list - even before "dating"! Unless they all had childhood sweethearts (which they most certainly don't) that just wouldn't happen :'] They didn't really think about what happens in the "real world". And then we all joked that for stereotype Essex girls, it went "eye contact", "intercourse", "pregnancy" - and then maybe a shotgun "marriage". It's not something you should really joke about, the amount of teenagers with their own children but it sure is funny :']

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