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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Felt like visiting here again.

Hello. It's certainly been another while since I last visited this site.

A lot of stuff has happened since then, more happy memories and more sad. I kind of use this blog as a bookmark of events. I remember writing about them, and the events around what I write. Most of the time, at least. For example, I've lost my iPod and I've no idea where it could be! I've been used to having it constantly by my side and updating my twitter account, but it's gone. Hopefully I'll find it soon.

Also, this weekend I was meant to practically write out the entirety of my business studies coursework. That didn't happen. It certainly wasn't a surprise to me that I found ways to avoid it.

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The Homestuck fandom's also gone a bit Jade crazy with the return of the betas! I've been into Homestuck for a good few months now. It's brought me closer to Emily and Louise again, we'd kind of drifted apart in Year 10...

Ay, I'd better go before my father shouts at me because it's past nine.

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